The MSi courseware is a turnkey solution for Job Corps. Courseware demos and quotes are available.

The MSi courseware is a turnkey solution for Job corps! Designed to be engaging, hands-on, and user-friendly. The MSi courseware can be accessed on any device with an internet connection, including a PC, MAC, Chromebook, Tablet, and even a phone.

Computers and devices the MSi courseware can be used with.

Moore Solutions Inc offers courses for the following In-demand certifications:

  • Microsoft Office Specialist
  • Adobe Certified Professional
  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business
  • IC3 Digital Literacy
  • Project Management Ready

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Special Pricing for Job Corps
(MOS) Microsoft Office
Product Name CoursewareTest PrepExam Voucher
MOS Bundle (4 Courses) $150.00$75.00 TBD
(ACP) Adobe
Product Name Courseware Test Prep Exam Voucher
Adobe Bundle (3 Courses)$150.00 $150.00 TBD
ACP single course$90.00 $50.00 TBD
(ESB) Entrepreneurship and Small Business
Product NameCoursewareTest PrepExam Voucher
(IC3) GS6 Digital Literacy
Product NameCoursewareTest PrepExam Voucher
IC3 Bundle$150.00 $150.00 TBD
IC3 Level 1, 2, 3 (choose One)$90.00 $50.00 TBD
(PMR) Project Management Ready
Product Name CoursewareTest Prep Exam Voucher

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