MSI Reseller

Partner with MSi what reseller relationship is right for you?

Program 1:

MSi affiliate program

The MSi affiliate program is open to companies and individuals

Affiliate program is more for B to C

You will drive customers to MSi. For every sale or lead generated, the affiliate partner will receive a commission. You will receive a custom URL that you will use to make referrals. As an affiliate partner you cannot set your own prices nor are you required to support the product. you simply drive customers to MSi and receive a commission. The MSI reseller program is geared to, but not limited to. The (B to C) business to consumer marketplace.

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Program 2:

The MSi reseller/partner program

The MSi reseller/partner program is open to companies

Reseller Program is more B to B

The MSi reseller program is a great fit companies within the education, testing and curriculum or similar industry space that have existing customers, to help with distribution of MSi courseware in different markets. As a reseller you can set up your own prices and usually offer support and other value addition services to your customers.

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Program 3:

White label

The MSi White label program is open to entity seeking to broaden there CTE course offerings

MSi courseware can be added to your current courseware infrastructure and branded for your institution. Whether you deliver your courseware thru Moodle, Canvas, D2L PowerSchool Blackboard etc. MSi can add our courseware to your delivery system providing a seamless experience for your students.

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