Professional Development workshop

Professional Development Workshops for Teachers Seeking to Earn Industry Certification

MSi is in the process of creating Professional Development Workshops for new and existing courses on the CAPE list.

We need your help to make sure we schedule the most in demand workshops.

Live Certified instructors will teach MSi workshops virtually and in-person. MSi has provided quality certification workshops for Florida teachers for over 15 years.

MSi workshops include comprehensive training materials aligned to the certification domain objectives; our live instructors work with teachers to ensure they are ready to pass their exam successfully. We offer a sure pass guarantee so teachers can be confident that MSi will stick with them until they pass their certification exam.

Workshops Include:

  • Workshop training materials
  • Advanced access to training materials
  • Practice and quiz mode
  • Terminology and vocabulary
  • Sample questions

If any questions outside of the form, please send an email to

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