Courseware for Key Applications 2019

This course provides a hands-on experience working inside Key Applications, that will show competency at an industry associate-level and is college and career ready. You will be able to demonstrate the correct application of the principal features of Key Applications and complete tasks independently.

Designed to help you get certified

MSi’s courseware prepares you for the Microsoft Office Specialist Exam. The exam is a 50-minute exam that can be administered remotely by MSi or through a local testing center. Being certified as a Microsoft Office Specialist demonstrates you have the skills needed to get the most out of Office. 


Includes the following features

  • E-textbook

    Each course includes a complete e-textbook. The topics are chunked and embedded. Ideal for informing discussions or assigning homework.

  • Read-Along

    Listen - a read-along feature designed to support auditory learners is available in every course. This feature is available at the top of every topic page. Simply click on the "play" icon and start listening.

  • Comprehensive Grade Book

    Save valuable time by eliminating the need to create additional lessons. All MSi courses generate grades automatically from students as they complete knowledge checks, practice activities, quizzes, and projects. These grades are automatically entered into the MSi LMS (Learning Management System). You can easily import these grades into your district's grade book.

  • Assessments to Track Progress

    Easily measure your students learning gains and identify any knowledge gaps. At the beginning of every chapter, there is a pre-assessment. Once students have completed the chapter there will be a post-assessment. You’ll see these scores immediately so you can proceed accordingly.

  • Focus Mode

    To make it easier to concentrate, MSi offers a Focus Mode. This tool removes elements on the page that can be distracting. We’ve found this feature to be very helpful, particularly for visual learners.

  • Course Completion Badge

    Share accomplishments! Upon completion of the course with a grade of 80% or higher, students are eligible for a course completion badge that is designed to be displayed on LinkedIn and other social media channels.

  • Course Completion Certificate

    Showcase success! After completion of the course with a grade of 80% or higher, students are eligible for a printable course completion certificate.

Course Content

  • Topic 1A: The Word Application Window
  • Virtual Activity 1.1 – Navigate the Ribbon
  • Topic 1B: The Backstage View
  • Virtual Activity 1.2 Print Options
  • Topic 1C: Cut, Copy and Paste
  • Virtual Activity 1.3 Copy and Paste
  • Topic 1D: The Style Gallery
  • Virtual Activity 1.4 – Modify Style to Add Spacing
  • Topic 1E: Find and Replace
  • Virtual Activity 1.5 – Use the Find and Replace Tool
  • Topic 1F: Pictures
  • Virtual Activity 1.6 – Insert an Image
  • Topic 1G: Page Setup Subgroup
  • Virtual Activity 1.7 – Change a Page Setup
  • Topic 1H: Converting Text to Table
  • Virtual Activity 1.8 – Convert Text to Table
  • Topic 1I: Tracking and Accepting Changes
  • Virtual Activity 1.9 Track Changes
  • Project 1: Knowledge Check
  • Topic 2A: Insert a Slide
  • Virtual Activity 2.1 – Insert a Slide
  • Topic 2B: Slide Layout
  • Virtual Activity 2.2 – Slide Layout
  • Topic 2C: Apply Custom Animations
  • Virtual Activity 2.3 – Apply Custom Animations
  • Topic 2D: Apply Transitions
  • Virtual Activity 2.4 – Apply a Transition
  • Topic 2E: Insert and Modify Pictures
  • Virtual Activity 2.5 – Insert a Picture
  • Topic 2F: Print Presentation
  • Virtual Activity 2.6 – Configure Print Options
  • Project 2 Knowledge Check
  • Topic 3A: The Excel Application Window
  • Virtual Activity 3.1 Delete Rows and Protect Workbooks
  • Topic 3B: Display Features of your Spreadsheet
  • Virtual Activity 3.2 Merge and Center
  • Topic 3C: Create a Table
  • Virtual Activity 3.3 Create and Name a Table
  • Topic 3D: Table Styles
  • Virtual Activity 3.4 – Add a Style to a Table
  • Topic 3E: Sort and Filter
  • Virtual Activity 3.5 Sort and Filter
  • Topic 3F: Chart and Chart Elements
  • Virtual Activity 3.6 Insert Data Labels
  • Topic 3G: Basic Formulas
  • Virtual Activity 3.7 Create a Basic Formula
  • Project 3 Knowledge Check
  • Topic 4A: What is a Database
  • Virtual Activity 4.1 Simulation – Navigate the Access Ribbon
  • Topic 4B: Components of a Database
  • Virtual Activity 4.2 – Edit and Delete Database Records
  • Topic 4C: Website Databases
  • Activity 4.3 – Knowledge Check
  • Project 4 Knowledge Check
  • Topic 5A: Tablets and Apps
  • Activity 5.1- Knowledge Check
  • Topic 5B: Web Apps Versus Local Apps
  • Activity 5.2 – Knowledge Check
  • Topic 5C: File Management
  • Video 5.3 – Create a New Folder in File Explorer
  • Virtual Activity 5.3 Create a New Folder in File Explorer
  • Virtual Assessment 5.3 Create a New Folder in File Explorer
  • Project 5 Knowledge Check

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