Strengthen your programs and better prepare students for successful careers. MSi allows you to easily add industry certifications to your course offerings.

MSi develops courseware for higher education institutions that you can integrate into an existing curriculum or offer as a stand-alone course. Content is updated as certification requirements change.

MSi makes it easy to seamlessly add industry certifications to your programs. Turnkey and customizable – MSi courseware can be integrated into an existing curriculum or used as a stand-alone course. We ensure the courseware always meets evolving industry certification domain objectives.

Hands-on learning is a crucial element of the MSi approach. Students can choose to work directly within the software or in a simulated environment. Work is saved and graded seamlessly in both. Our robust courseware addresses all four learning styles: auditory, visual, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. Students will use a combination of written and video tutorials, quizzes, projects, and assessments throughout the course.

Each course can be delivered via your LMS or via MSiHigherEd.com and includes a comprehensive e-Textbook. Brand this course for your institution or the instructor. Let your students earn their industry certifications right on campus, MSi can help you set up your institutions as a test center. Test prep and testing vouchers are also available.

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What makes MSi so effective?

MSi is a game-changer for course content delivery.
Let’s take a closer look at some of the key features that drive successful outcomes.

  • Learn Inside the Application!

    You heard that right. Our innovative In-App Functionality allows students to learn directly within the actual program. MSi courses provide comprehensive step-by-step written and animated instructions to guide them along. What better way to learn than by doing? This is not a tedious video lecture course. Students won’t be watching along as someone else uses the software. MSi allows them to drive in the actual software. We believe this is a more engaging and effective way to learn. Note: In-App Functionality may not be available in some courses. Contact MSi for details.

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  • Add Industry Certifications to Your Programs

    Make your program stand out with this value-add that makes your students more employable. Easily add industry certifications. With MSi courseware there is no hassle of creating a new course - we provide everything you need. Choose to integrate into an instructor’s curriculum or as a stand-alone course. No need to redesign every time a certification requirement changes - MSi takes care of that for you.

  • Grading & Course Delivery

    Save valuable time by eliminating the need to create additional lessons. All MSi courses generate grades automatically from learners as they complete knowledge checks, practice activities, quizzes, and projects. These grades are automatically entered into the MSi Learning Management System or an existing LMS. Deliver the course through your LMS or MSiHigherEd.com.

  • Brandable

    You have the option to brand MSi courseware for institution or the instructor. Your logo would appear throughout the course.

  • E-textbook

    Each course includes a complete e-textbook. The topics are chunked and embedded. Ideal for informing discussions or assigning homework.

  • Read-Along

    Listen - a read-along feature designed to support auditory learners is available in every course. This feature is available at the top of every topic page. Simply click on the "play" icon and start listening.

  • Assessments to Track Progress

    Easily measure your students' learning gains and identify any knowledge gaps. At the beginning of every chapter, there is a pre-assessment. Once students have completed the chapter there will be a post-assessment. You’ll see these scores immediately so you can proceed accordingly.

  • Focus Mode

    To make it easier to concentrate, MSi offers a Focus Mode. This tool removes elements on the page that can be distracting. We’ve found this feature to be very helpful, particularly for visual learners.

  • Animated Instructions

    Each course includes animated instructions allowing learners to see each step of a lesson as they are working - a helpful reference tool.

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