MSi features industry and education aligned courseware using industry leading applications such as Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud

From middle school teachers to professors, from individuals looking to update their skill sets to companies looking to train employees, and from vocational directors looking to prepare for our future workforce to homeschoolers and others. MSi offers a variety of programs designed to meet your needs


Secondary education solutions designed to meet the needs of middle school and high school level learners. Ideal for all school types including home schooling.

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Higher Ed

Prepare post-secondary students for industry certifications. Ideal for higher education institutions including colleges, universities, and trade schools.

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Workforce Development

Turnkey vocational development programs designed to jump-start career training. Contact us if applying for a grant.

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Learn Online

Individual learning pathways are available to prepare you for industry certifications.

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The perfect solution for companies looking to jumpstart training programs for their employees.

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Prepare for Industry Certifications with MSi

Moore Solutions, Inc. (MSi) provides hands-on courseware for industry certifications. We are constantly working to find better ways to help students, teachers, corporations, and individuals get certified.

Our innovative solutions provide everything needed to successfully prepare for exams and conduct effective courses. This includes assessments, learning materials, activities, and testing.  



Enrolled Students

Industry First – Learn within the Application!

In-App Functionality

In-App Functionality is an innovative feature exclusive to MSi. Get more comfortable and better prepared for your certification exam learning and practicing directly within the Microsoft or Adobe software application.

Flexible & Versatile

The MSi web-based simulated environment is also available. Easily move between both options with the toggle of a button. Simply flick the switch to change options and progress is saved seamlessly.

  • Adobe
  • Microsoft

Game Changer for Course Content Delivery

In-App Functionality

This innovation allows for learning directly with the software application that users are preparing to be certified in.

Hands-on activities, assessments, and projects can be completed within the actual software or a simulated environment.

100% Web-based

Versatile and 100% web-based, allowing for seamless learning from within the software application or from a simulated environment.

MSi content is available on any device with an internet connection.

Empowers Learning

Allows users to learn in the way that suits them best. MSi accommodates all four primary learning styles:
  • Auditory
  • Visual
  • Reading/Writing
  • Kinesthetic


Courseware includes performance-based and knowledge-based assessments.

Pre and post-assessments allow you to measure learning gaps and gains.

Learning Management

Includes a user-friendly, learning management system.

Prefer to use and existing LMS? We will gladly load the MSi content into it.

Dynamic Grading

Grades are generated automatically after assignments are completed.

Grades are automatically entered into the LMS gradebook.

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What People Are Saying About MSi


The MSi Courseware empowers teachers and students to learn in the way that suits them accommodating all four primary learning styles. Auditory, visual, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. The learning platform facilitates an experience that allows students to move from the classroom to online and back to the classroom seamlessly without missing a beat.

Jayne Moore

Director of Curriculum


MSi has it all. They can offer you everything. They offer the curriculum, They can give you everything every student needs.

Amanda Kagan

CTE Teacher


After five years of working with students and seeing great success, acceleration, and numbers with certifications, I’ve got to say MSi is doing some incredible proprietary things. They’re accelerating and blowing past all the competition.

Sean Kassler

CTE Teacher


This class was excellent. The instructors were very knowledgeable extremely kind and helpful. They were passionate about this subject and they were great educators. I would highly recommend this course.

Austin A.


The path to certification success
starts here.

“MSi is always looking for better ways to help students, teachers, corporations, and individuals get certified. Our innovative platform allows users to complete hands-on activities, assessments, and projects within the actual software or a simulated environment.”

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