What’s new in MSi Courseware:

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MSi Interactive Content

The new MSi interactive content consists of IC3 Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3, as well as ESB Entrepreneurship and Small Business.   

With this content each chapter contains: 

  • Reading
  • Interactive Knowledge Checks
  • Quizzes
  • Project
  • Keywords and Displayed Definitions

MSi In-App:

The MSi In-Application feature is one we are proud of! You can choose to work in the Simulation as always or choose to work in the application.    


This innovation allows for learning directly with the software application.   

Hands-on activities, assessments, and projects can be completed within the actual software or a simulated environment.  


MOS In-App: 

ACP In-App

MSi Courses

MSi offers courseware and test prep for the following software vendors. 

MSi Versatility

At MSi we think our LMS is the absolute best! But sometimes our customers just don’t want to learn something new and they are comfortable with what they are already using. With that in mind we have built versions of our courseware for each of the following learning management systems: